Everything you need to know about the Love Island game


Love Island is a fun game and to continue the game, the thing which you need is a lot of passes and gems. It took a lot of time to earn currency in the form of winning amount. Mainly there are two currencies for the game, and both of the currencies have their own importance and value.

Passes – to unlock a new chapter in the following game, you need it.  Each day there are five chapters which are given to you on the island and the thing which you need for these chapters are an infinite number of passes. As the game moves further, you need more and more passes for your game.

Gems– it is also the useful currency of the game as to start new stories in the following game you need them in a lot of amounts. For the next and higher level gems are very useful to use, and it is good if you had a large stock of it.

 Other currencies of love Island which is also used in game

If you want to play all the requisite storylines in the following game, then you need passes, which is another format of the game currency. Passes are the very important currency which should be required in the game, and it can be easily gained if you follow some instructions which are mentioned below:

  • From the play store, you can easily purchase as many passes as you want.
  • With the help of Love Island Hack, you can instantly acquire passes without any distraction.
  • You will also get passes as a reward if you achieve a good position in the game.
  • From the review of Facebook or twitter, you can get rewards and extra points for your game.


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