Kinds of Boosters in Homescapes

Are you looking for the best tactics to play the Homescapes? If big yes then here today we will come an outstanding game Homescapes. It is a trending casual category game with lots of missions and features. It proves an incredible game for those peoples which are made own world. The game is also a best source to make the new relation via the help of Facebook. Many types of unique and fanatic characters are available in it.

Tips for boosting the level-

In the Homescapes, many types of boosters are available to boost the level. You can purchase these boosters with the help of currencies which you can get with Homescapes Cheats. If you want to know about those boosters then here all detail is available. In the game six unique types of boosters are available.

  1. Rainbow Ball
  2. Double Planes
  3. Bomb and Rocket
  4. Hammer
  5. Sledgehammer
  6. Glove

These all are the types of booster in Homescapes. Each booster is useful for different things and tasks.

  1. Rainbow-

It is the first type of booster in the game. Via match the five tiles in a row and column you will get a free rainbow ball. It is useful to remove the very tiles from the board. When you start a level with the rainbow ball, then it’s placed randomly on the field.

  1. Double Planes-

The double planes are also the part of boosters. It is useful to covert things into the two.

  1. Bomb and rocket-

It is the most crucial boost on the field. It is useful in the missions and events. If you want to blast anything in the game, then its must require.

  1. Hammer-

If you want to clear the piece from the tiles in that situation hammer are required. In other words, we can say that a hammer is must need to clear the piece from tiles. When you start to play the game, then it is available.

  1. Sledgehammer-

It is the important part of the boosters because you are able to clear the row and column with the help of it.




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