Tips to improve your performance in Hustle Castle


Hustle Castle is the most popular role-playing game nowadays. It is created by the .B.V studio for the app store or play store.  It is released on the 10th of November 2017, and it has a large number of users who like to play the game every time.  If you are a newcomer or want to learn the basics, then use guide to solve all your questions.  You have to build the strong team of villagers to win the all battles I future.

Moreover, it is free to download or play it, but the game gives you the option to use real money for buying the gems and unlock the levels without playing. You get the empty castle in the beginning, after winning the battles you earn the gems to open the rooms. Always try to build same rooms near to each other; it helps you to save your time. Don’t miss to develop the training room first; it takes 1000 to 2500 coins to build the room.

 Type of rooms

Hospital room-   It is a very important room for you, it works for you after every battle. With the help of a hospital room, you can generate the player heath quickly.

Fighter training room- You can train your warriors with the training room. You can gain the knowledge about the skills of your character easily in it.

Magic workshop- You should use it at the time of battle, it helps you to use different weapons easily.



In my opinion, it is good to update the players by early stages, because it is important to unlock the new chapters with upgraded warriors. Try to collect all free diamonds by watching the advertisement.  The game gives you 20 diamonds after login, so don’t miss to reward them by trying Hustle Castle Hack.



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